Jayne Mulvihill

Dr. Jayne Mulvihill is a Postdoctoral Fellow who supports individual adults and couples in addressing a wide variety of concerns including anxiety, depression, relationship challenges and grief. Utilizing a strength based approach and drawing from a variety of evidence based modalities, she creates an unconditionally accepting and compassionate space from which clients can improve relationships, develop effective coping skills and enhance self-esteem.

Dr. Mulvihill currently specializes in assisting parents with children who have special needs. As a mother of a child diagnosed on the autism spectrum, she understands the unique journey that parents encounter. Although there are many joys, there are also many challenges that can take a significant toll on the well-being of the family. Through addressing the specific concerns of the individual, she strives to help each client feel confident, joyful and hopeful.

In addition, Dr. Mulvihill enjoys helping clients find the best services for their child and family and believes strongly in the importance of collaborating with other practitioners to maximize support.

Accepting new clients
312-480-8211 or jaynem@claruscenter.com