Justin Irvin

Oh hello there! My name is Justin, and I was wondering if you would let me help you build a better world for yourself.  There’s a lot about life that throws us completely for a loop, and although it’s tempting for a lot of us to try to figure it all out on our own, that can feel a lot like untangling a string of Christmas lights in the dark. Wouldn’t it be easier if somebody was next to you holding a flashlight and walking you through it? If you want somebody to take a step into your world and be there beside you, helping you figure out what to do next, I can help with that. So, dear reader, I know you haven’t met me yet, but if you invite me in, I’ll treat your world with respect, and I promise not to move anything in there unless we discover that it’s getting in your way.

I’ve been working with adolescents for the last 10 years, and adults for the last 5 years, many of which suffered from a wide variety of mental health diagnoses. My heart is completely in what I do, and the only jobs I’ve ever selected have been related to mental health. I’ve worked for the past decade in residential treatment, hospital programs, and group homes where I spent every day alongside kids and adults who were dealing with some of the worst days of their lives. One thing I’ve discovered is that no matter how deep your troubles go, therapy can be helpful for anyone. I’ve worked with people suffering from, Depression, Anxiety, Low Self Worth, Behavioral/School Problems, Bipolar, Borderline, Relationship Issues, LGBTQAI/Identity/Transition difficulties, and PTSD. I use a DBT based approach with some ACT therapy, and I’m equally happy to work with teens or adults.


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