Men's Groups at Clarus Center

Men’s emotional lives are undergoing a remarkable evolution. Only a generation ago the vast majority of men regarded their emotions largely as a nuisance. To become a strong man meant learning to avoid being tripped up or held back by what you felt. And it seldom occurred to most that they could be strengthened, not weakened, by becoming more aware of their emotions.

Today, the advantages of emotional self-awareness are irrefutable. They include:

  • Greater depth of connection with your spouse, children, and close male friends
  • Better access to your own emotional strengths including your stress tolerance and resilience
  • Enhanced sense of purpose and personal meaning
  • Much less vulnerability to emotional manipulation by others
  • An enhanced sense of groundedness, identity, knowing who you are

More and more men are accepting the challenges of the new emotional landscape they now face. But the journey can be difficult and at times even overwhelming.

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From Dr. Lemon:

In my view, far too many men operate at a disadvantage that can keep them from fully benefitting from therapy and from generally experiencing healthy connections.  They are up against a long-established cultural legacy socializing them to avoid and even deny vulnerable emotions.  Rather than tolerating and drawing upon these feelings, men often fail to find their emotional footing and therefore struggle to be empathic or understand their most basic needs in close relationships.  Their relationships then are limited by a stunted capacity for healthy, affirming, growth-promoting intimacy.

Helping men find themselves emotionally has been one of the most rewarding parts of my practice for over a decade now.  I’ve enjoyed the challenge of successfully engaging men—who are, to be sure, often very skeptical about psychotherapy.  My objective has been to help them discover greater self-awareness and authenticity that leads to greater fulfillment in close relationships.