Todd Huenecke

Dr. Huenecke is a licensed Clinical and School Psychologist.  His areas of expertise include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, with an emphasis on Exposure with Response Prevention, mindfulness, stress management, cognitive and academic assessment, and behavioral modification.  His areas of particular interest are Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, Phobias, School Avoidance/anxiety, Social Anxiety that co-occurs with High Functioning Autism, and Learning Disabilities.  He works with children (ages 7+), adolescents, and adults.

“Dr. H” has been working in the behavioral health field since 1995, when he began working as a counselor at Linden Oaks Hospital.  He has worked full time as a school psychologist since 2000 and has been on the staff of Anxiety Centers of Illinois since 2009.  He received his Masters and Doctoral degrees from Northern Illinois University.


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