Sally Strosahl

Compassionate Therapy

Sally Strosahl, MA, LCPC, is a licensed clinical professional counselor providing individual, couple and family therapy with a spiritually based approach. She has been providing services in the Fox Valley area and western suburbs for 40-plus years.

Her degree is in clinical psychology with many years of advanced training in family systems, marriage counseling techniques, cognitive behavioral therapy, psychosynthesis, MARI assessment and wholistic wellness. In addition, Sally is a Level III practitioner of Holographic Memory Resolution (HMR) used for release of trauma. She has advanced certification in guided imagery and music (GIM) for release of depression, anxiety and grief and for spiritual and transpersonal exploration.

Sally is also the author of the book, Loving Your Marriage in Retirement - Keep the Music Playing, with contributions by Tom Johnson, her husband and a retired newspaper editor. This book is for couples who want to reinvent or improve their marriage and themselves as they face retirement and the challenges of aging and includes stories from their 47-year marriage, her couple work, and interviews with the “Wise Married Elders.”

“I love doing therapy. It is a privilege to be a companion on your journey. I want you to feel safe as you explore what you need to make your life work better. I respect the courage and strength it takes to face truths and embrace hope. We can work together to help you achieve what you desire for yourself and your loved ones.”


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