Ayesha Atique

Ayesha Atique is board certified in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbology by the NCCAOM (National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine) and licensed as an Acupuncturist by the State of Illinois.

She received her Masters of Science in Traditional Oriental Medicine (MSTOM) from Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, where she received extensive training in acupuncture, Chinese herbology, and other accessory techniques used to treat disorders from a wide variety of disease causes.

Furthermore, she has a BA in Psychology from the University of Illinois at Chicago. Her background in Psychology coupled with her Traditional Oriental Medicine education serves as a tremendous foundation in being able to not only understand where patients are coming from, but where they are hoping to go with their health and all the obstacles that arise in that journey.

Though she is well trained to treat a variety of ailments, she is particularly passionate about women’s health issues. She has successfully overseen the care of many women throughout their pregnancies and has treated the many issues that arise during this time, including successfully inducing labor on many occasions as well as treating insufficient lactation. Additionally, emotional disorders, particularly anxiety and depression are another interest of hers.

Also, she has found stress to be a major component further complicating existing conditions such as chronic pain, weight management, women’s health, and smoking to name a few. Consequently, one of her main goals in treatments is to significantly reduce the levels of stress so that both she and the patient can better tackle the underlying issues. Her focus is to provide patients with effective results while empowering them to take an active role in their own health.

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