Sandra Krummenacher

When you feel that something in your life needs to change, getting started can be overwhelming. My desire is to help people identify their strengths and explore solutions in a safe, non-judgmental atmosphere. My style is interactive and conversational, integrated with empathy, compassion and humor. It is important that clients feel accepted and free to share their feelings. I address boundary issues, relational issues, self-esteem struggles, and assist people with histories of abuse (physical, sexual, or emotional)

My goal is to help adults, couples, and teens cope with the normal yet at times painful transitions in life such as marriage, parenting, blending families, adolescence, divorce, and empty nest issues. I assist people experiencing addiction, depression, anxiety and other mood disorders. You will gain important skills to cope with stresses, manage troublesome feelings, improve relationships, and come to a deeper understanding of yourself. We will work together to set priorities and goals for sessions and add structure to clarify complicated situations and create improvements.


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